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B&C Cattle Co is a dual purpose operation specializing in registered Hereford cattle for both the commercial cattle ranchers and reputation seed stock producers including top quality show cattle both horned and polled.

B&C Cattle Co is owned and operated by Bill, Chad & Austin Breeding and families, located in the Texas Panhandle, Roberts County, Miami, Tx. Our goal is to produce the type of registered Herefords that will help to make our customers successful. Our program is based on the commercial industry and many of our customers have to run their cattle in less than perfect conditions a lot of the time, so we try to produce both Hereford bulls and females that are able to adapt to almost any environment.

We develop our Hereford bulls in large traps (150-250 acres) with as little supplement as possible. This process has enabled us to consistently provide profitable bulls and females for both the commercial rancher and the reputation seed stock producers. B&C Cattle Co has been in the registered seed stock Hereford business since 1957 and we use all the new tools available (AI, ET, IVF, DNA, etc) and you are invited to stop by, see our cattle, and visit anytime.

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